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Grantstone’s grocery department carries authentic groceries imported from China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, India, and other Southeastern Asian countries

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• Bulk Rice:  brown, white, long grain, sushi rice, jasmine rice, basmati rice.

• Rice Paper, Spring Roll wrappers.

• Panko Breadcrumbs, miso paste, roasted seaweed for sushi, sesame seeds, hot pepper powder, sesame oil, marinade sauces for Korean ribs.

• Spice & Seasonings - try using some of our curry paste, five spice powder, Vietnamese noodle soup seasonings, star aniseed, Szechuan peppercorns to spice up your cooking.

• Various frozen food products such as meat dumplings, fish balls and lumpia wrappers.

• Dried & preserved vegetables, canned fruits.

• Egg Roll, Wonton & Dumpling Wrappers.

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SAUCES: We carry different types of oriental seasonings like Chinese barbeque sauce, fish sauce, shrimp & crab pastes to ignite your taste buds. Soy sauces, oyster sauces used for stir fry, plum sauces, and hoisin sauces used for marinating a delicious recipe and a wide variety of chili sauces from different countries



NOODLES: We have rice noodles and egg noodles that come in dry or fresh packages, we also have noodles used in many Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dishes, such as chap chae, chow mein, lo-mein, and yakisoba. Many different types of instant ramen are also available for a quick but tasty meal or snack. We carry everything from Japan’s Shirataki & Udon noodles, Indonesia’s Mi Gorang, Pad Thai Noodle from Thailand and Vietnamese Pho noodles

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TEA: We have the traditional favorites like Jasmine, Oolong, and Green tea perfect for any occasion. We also carry ginseng and chrysanthemum tea from different manufacturers. You can get our delightful teas in loose form or in little tea bags. We even carry tea & herbal remedies for various ailment.

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We also have an excellent assortment of Asian snacks & candies. Whether you are looking for Japanese rice crackers, dried fruit or chocolate wafers, we have plenty to choose from, also other goodies like wasabi peas and shrimp flavored chips. We also stock up on household favorites like almond cookies, fortune cookies, chocky sticks, Panda chocolate, and onion rings etc.

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BEVERAGES - We carry a diverse selections of beverages such as fresh soymilk, grass jelly drink, Thai iced tea and an assortment of coffee drinks.

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Asian sake, beer and wine. We have a large selection of Japanese, Korean and domestic sake and imported beers from China, Japan, Thailand & Singapore.

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KITCHENWARE - We carry a lot of the kitchen essentials like rice cookers, bamboo steamers, woks and wok utensils of different sizes and models.  Basic utensils such as spoons, chopsticks, and sushi mats are also available. We also carry bowls and dishes with Oriental designs.

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Chinese medicines & herbal supplements:  We offer over a hundred kinds of proven Chinese herbs, vitamins and formulas from top manufacturers in the China as an alternative way of treating diseases, ailments and symptoms.

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And Much More!

If you can’t find what you need, please let our staff know and we can have it special ordered for you.
We recently expanded our Indian grocery section. Come check us out.

Come on in to Grantstone Asian Supermarket today at 8 W Grant Road in Tucson for all of your international produce and meat and seafood needs.

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